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About Contest

Scandinavian Quran Competition for the year …

Our noble religion, Islam, has encouraged us to compete in areas of goodness and righteousness since such competitions have positive results on the current and the after lives. Allah said: (and for this let those aspire, who have aspirations). The commentators said: “to get the reward those who want to proud, shall be proud; and those who want to compete, shall compete. It is a very honorable to compete in goodness, good deeds and worshipping Allah the Almighty.
One of the greatest of these competitive areas is to compete in reciting and memorizing the words of Allah, the Holy Quran.
Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, said to his companions: “If you come to one of the places of the Heavens, benefit from it as much as you can”. They asked him: “What are the places of Heaven?” He replied: “The places where people gather to learn more about Allah and worship him”.

Objectives of this competition:

  1. To care about the Holy Quran, and stress on memorizing, reciting, and explaining it.
  2. To encourage Muslim youth in Scandinavia to care about the Holy Quran; to memorize and understand it.
  3. To prepare those who memorize the Holy Quran to be able to participate in international Quran competitions.
  4. To highlight the Scandinavian talents in memorizing and reciting the Holy Quran.

Competition categories:

1st Category: Memorizing 5 Juz.

2nd Category: Memorizing 10 Juz.

3rd Category: Memorizing 20 Juz.

4th Category: Memorizing the whole Quran.

5th Category: Recitation.